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Kim Michelle Toft

I pondered on what I would write in 200 words or less about what it is to be an artist. The definition in the dictionary is… Artist is a person who creates art (such as painting, sculpture, music or writing) using conscious skill and creative imagination. I have been a practising artist for over 40 years and it has taken me through many different phases; teacher, graphic designer, silk painter, illustrator, author and publisher. I do all 5 when I create my environmental children’s books, which is my main focus now. I am currently working on my 12th book, The Glad Not Sad Book. Each illustration is hand painted on to silk and can take up to 3 weeks to complete. The book will be released in 2024. I look back on my artistic journey and I feel blessed I still love creating and I am still able to make a living as an ‘artist’ in rural Australia. It has taken a lot of practice, patience, persistence and above all passion. Passion for the things you do in your daily life is the secret to a happy life. I can’t imagine doing anything else!

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