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Wanda Hitch

Over the last 14 years I have exhibited in local galleries and groups, experimenting with acrylics, mixed media, ink, graphite and yupo paper. Coming from a craft background in textiles, spinning, weaving, hand dyed silk garments, batik and paper mache, the transition to fine arts was a gradual process, as more skills were acquired. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I like to paint in vibrant colours in both ink and acrylic paint and use gauze, egg shells, sand, alfoil, tissue paper, moulding compound and impasto gel, to explore creating more textural works and am guided from an emotional attachment to the subject matter. Only painting from scenes and things I have seen or imagined, ensures that each artwork is unique. Focusing on flowers, trees and nature generally, I start with the subject matter and allow some abstraction and the use of colours that work harmoniously together.

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