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Diane Jones

I am a painter, a card maker, an art/junk journal maker, and a creator of interesting fancy dress hats on a journey of creative discovery.

Throughout a 40-year career in K-6 teaching I was able to share my developing art skills and adventures with my students. It was great to work with young artists who had not yet learnt to question the quality of their work.

Since retiring I have been able to indulge my thirst for the creative by enrolling in workshops in watercolour, drawing, silk painting and a plethora of YouTube tutorials to awaken my art brain. I was introduced to soft pastel and charcoal nature and wildlife art when I participated in Kerri Dixon’s workshops and recognised my niche.

I have given myself permission to create and enjoy with wild abandon and to celebrate my growth by exhibiting for the first time at BACCI’s exhibition in May 2023.

This is a big step forward in my art journey as I learn to use the skills acquired in tutorials and workshops to develop my own unique pieces.

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