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Susanne Fraser

I am a ceramic artist working from a studio on our small rural property in northern NSW. I discovered the amazing qualities of clay while completing a Diploma of Ceramics in 2003 followed by my BVA as a mature age student at Southern Cross University Lismore in 2008. A lifetime pursuit of equestrian activities, riding, competing, judging, has given me a innate knowledge of horses, their conformation and their connection with humans. Taking history as my staring point I pursue a consuming interest in visually representing those connections, especially those with women. Using various clay bodies I develop ideas of fragility and strength, qualities shared by women horses and clay. Relationships of the shape, symbolic decorative language, colour and surface treatment work together to create a narrative. The horse is the central motif in my art. It stands tall, harnessed into the role of guardian figures, as in a tomb figure lining the spirit paths in Chinese burial sites, teetering on bound feet, ears flickering, nostrils twitching, testing the wind, figuratively, or, sit absorbed, a rounded vessel form embodied with fragility and strength, carrying decorative elements that can speak of female cultural and social roles. For me, the act of making art is likened to riding, an expression of freedom, time is forgotten the senses take over where technique, rhythm, feel and balance give life and expression to the clay. These are some of the ideas that can be found at the heart of my work.

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