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Alexa Grunner

I started to paint later in life and as a distraction from grief. This pastime has become so self-absorbing. Life’s problems are diminished, overridden by decisions I have to make regarding subjects, colours and techniques. I love colours so much that I’m even excited by the shades I mix on my palette. I paint with oils, but practise with pencils and ink pens. I’m hooked on a pursuit that propels me to learn more and more, and I’m still only scratching the surface.


Birds are a common theme. Their melodious songs reinvigorate me. However, their calls warn of the fragility of nature. In some of my works, a female is aligned with a bird, exemplifying her need to reflect the bird’s beauty. Where there is a confrontation, this recognises human intrusion, imitating the bird’s form by identifying with it. And I paint seascapes, simply because I love the beach.

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